synthetic yarn  YARNEA is member of RADICIFIBRES

YARNEA Savinesti » PA6 & PA6.6 synthetic yarns

YARNEA is member of RADICIFIBRES - one of the most important producer of synthetic fibres and yarns and the European leader of polyamide production with long tradition in Nylon fibres business.

The YARNEA structure is based on different business areas allowing us to focus on the needs of the market through development of our products in order to satisfy our customers ... read more

synthetic yarn  Since 1946 RADICIGROUP means quality fibres


RadiciGroup is member of the Nylon-6 Promotional Group



Tradition. Experience. Values. People. Passion.

RADICIGROUP is one of the most active Italian chemicals companies at an international level.

RADICIGROUP's diversified businesses operate worldwide and are focused on Chemicals, Plastics, Synthetic Fibres and Textile Machinery. One of RADICIGROUP's key strengths is the synergistic vertical integration of its polyamide chain. The RADICIGROUP has total control over its production chain, from chemical intermediates, such as adipic acid and polyamide 6 and 6.6, to engineering plastics and synthetic yarn ... read more

Since 1946, the year RADICIGROUP was founded, synthetic fibres have been playing a primary role in the group's strategies. Today RADICIGROUP, present in 15 countries worldwide, is one of the most active chemical multinationals with vertically integrated activities, from chemicals to plastics, from synthetic fibres to fabrics and energy production ... read more